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ALP claims Coalition is ‘misleading’ auto workers

In light of the announcement of the Australian government’s pledge to offer support for auto workers affected by company closures, the Australian Labor Party (ALP) has accused Liberal Senator and Industry Minister Sinodinos of “misleading” auto workers who are likely to lose their jobs when Holden and Toyota close their production lines later this year.

In a news release, the ALP has claimed that the ruling party has been telling workers that the Growth Fund is there to help them (the workers), when, according to the ALP, in fact the Growth Fund is unable to help workers or companies.

Earlier this week during Senate Question Time, when asked what the Government was doing to help automotive workers when Holden and Toyota close later this year, Senator Sinodinos had mentioned of the $155 million growth fund, of which $100 million has come from the Federal Government.

ALP has said that the government’s schemes: the Automotive Diversification Program and the Next Generation Manufacturing Grants Program – both have been “fully expended”, leaving no remaining funding to help component makers diversify.

Furthermore, the ALP is also claiming that the $30 million in the scheme set aside for worker retraining is entirely made up of contributions from Holden and Toyota, not the Commonwealth.

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