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All purpose pallet turntable

INDUSTRIAL Conveying (Aust) has designed its own customisable pallet turntable for materials handling applications in warehouses and factories.

Customisable pallet turntable for materials handling applications.

The RP Pallet turntable is part of the company’s standard range of equipment which allows various means of transporting empty or fully laden pallets with weights of up to 2500kg.

The turntable frame is manufactured from pressed or structural steel sections. Rotation is via a slewing ring rotated by a SEW motor driven worm box with integral disc brake.

Horsepower of each unit is made to suit load requirements, application and service factor. Industries that will be well served by this equipment range from packaging, manufacturing and food production though to general materials handling and transport.

Various configurations of conveyors, i.e., chain driven live roller conveyors, twin, and triple chain conveyors, can be fitted to the turntable top to execute the required function.

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