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Alibaba expecting increase in Australian export orders with Asia


E-commerce platform Alibaba is anticipating an increase in Australian exporters using its service to help them break into the Asian markets.

Maggie Zhou, Alibaba Australia’s managing director based in Melbourne, has tipped a surge in companies seeking advice on selling to China.

Speaking with the AFR, she also believes Australia’s clean water, soil and air will soon drive exports from the country in addition to baby care, food and health care products. 

Australia is the fourth-largest country to use Alibaba, which insists its payment platforms such as Tmall Fresh offer something new by supplying analysis to its vendors.

“There are over 1,300 Australian and 400 New Zealand brands on Tmall and Tmall Global, many of which entered China for the first time through these platforms,” Zhou said.

“Blackmores sells some of its major products through Tmall, which means they have to have a business and stock in China.

“We use the power of the digital platforms to give information and insights to the vendors

“That’s the point of digital platforms – they can leverage data to give small companies the ability to perform in the global market. 

“We’re already getting Australian beef and cherry producers on board – the Chinese government has areas where it wants to see better import performance, and fresh produce from Australia and New Zealand is high on the list.”

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