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Albury manufacturing precinct promoting sustainable production

Forward-thinking manufacturers flocking to Albury City’s new 450-hectare industrial precinct have set the bar high for new tenants in the area, making sustainability a focus point for plant design. 

The Ettamogah industrial hub, called ‘Nexus’, is now open for business, with manufacturers encouraged to support growth in the area by setting-up shop on the developing site.

Manufacturer Overall Forge Group, confident of the business opportunities in the area, is committed to promoting sustainability and has developed a rainwater harvesting system at the top of its steel forging facility.

The Overall Forge Group is a major supplier to the Australasian and South East Asian mining and quarrying industries, as well as supplying components to the defence and electricity generating industries.

The company is using the roof of the forge to harvest cooling rainwater, which is used both in the steel-making process and in the facility for domestic use.

The roof can store up to 5 mega litres of water, which is reportedly enough to keep the facility’s water supplies secure for six months.

Overall Forge has invested heavily in a Sustainability Advantage Programme with the Australian Federal Government which aims to reduce energy and its carbon foot print,” says the company.

“For those achievements it received the recognition as ‘Sustainability Advantage Partner’ in 2010.”

Mayor Alice Glachan, who officially opened Nexus in November last year, said the area is a key component of the local council's ’30-year master plan’ for promoting growth and investment in the city.

"This precinct is about Albury's future. We need to ensure we have sufficient and appropriate land available to attract major industry to Albury to enhance and protect the long term economic sustainability of Albury and our region," Glachan said during the opening ceremony.

"Nexus would not have been possible without the support and partnership of the existing businesses and landholders on the site, which include Norske Skog, Overall Forge, the Ettamogah Rail Hub and AP Delaney and Co.

"We are proud of our track record of attracting and supporting business, and promoting growth in Albury. This development highlights our ability to partner with business and the community to be able to bring such opportunities to fruition."

According to Glachan, among the many selling points for Nexus are the customisable land options, the ability to operate 24/7 and access to a stable workforce.

"It's also an ideal distribution site from which 75 per cent of the Australian population can be serviced by next day delivery,” she said.

"Other major incentives for businesses locating to Nexus include easy access to both domestic and international markets via the Hume Freeway, access to the Ettamogah Rail Hub and close proximity to Albury Airport and the CBD."

The launch of Nexus coincided with the launch of a new road called Hub Road, which provides critical access for industry accessing the Ettamogah Rail Hub.

Nexus was developed with the support of the NSW Department of Trade and Investment, which included $1.35 million from the NSW LISF Building the Country Program for sealing Hub Road, $45,000 from the Developing Regional Resources program for the Albury Industrial Hub Masterplan and $52,500 under the RETS Regional Economic Transition program for the Albury Industrial Hub Investment Attraction Program.

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