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Airbus beats Boeing in manufacturing sales

Airbus has strengthened its position following a record year for jet sales, extending an order lead over rival manufacturers such as Boeing.

The European company booked contracts for 1,109 airliners in 2017, Airbus announced, widening its margin over its US competitor to 197.

Boeing is still the world’s biggest plane manufacturer after delivering a record high of 763 aircraft.

However, Airbus, which delivered 718 planes, has a commanding order backlog of 7,265 planes – compared to Boeing’s 5,864 – and is gunning for the number one spot.

“I bet that in 2020 we will deliver more aircraft than Boeing,” Airbus CEO Fabrice Briegier reportedly said.

“There will be challenges as always at Airbus, but these challenges are manageable.”

Airbus’ production output for its best-selling A320 single-aisle jetliner remains on track to reach 60 aircraft monthly by mid-2019, accompanied by the increase in wide-body A350 XWB production to 10 per month by the end of 2018.

In terms of net order intake, Airbus has been the world’s largest commercial aircraft manufacturer in nine of the past 10 years – winning 53 per cent of all orders.

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