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Airbus A380 planes could be canned due to decreased demand

Production of Airbus A380s could soon be halted has demand for the superjumbo is dwindling.

Airbus is likely to give an update with its full-year earning on February 14, according to industry sources and analysts. 

The move to shut production of the A380 coincides with a review of purchases by Emirates, which has a fleet of 109 superjumbos and 53 left on order.

Under a proposed reshuffle, Airbus may broker a deal that would see Emirates switch part of its order to smaller models such as the A350 or A330, while producing a few last-minute A380 orders from British Airways.

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Qantas formally cancelled its longstanding order for eight more superjumbos in early February.

Airbus is holding a press conference to discuss the 2018 financial results at 9.45am Central European Time (CET), on February 14. 

At the conference, Airbus could be providing some clarity on its plans.

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