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Ai Group welcomes easing of COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria

National employer association Ai Group has welcomed easing of Victoria’s COVID-19 restrictions on metropolitan Melbourne.

Victorian Head of the Ai Group, Tim Piper, said the move will allow businesses to serve the public and restart the state’s manufacturing.

“Ai Group welcomes the easing of restrictions to allow retailers, restaurants, cafes, manufacturers, the construction industry and others to open up to a COVID-normal condition including allowing a dark opening period,” he said.

“Making the state one again from November 9 is an important psychological step, as is allowing people to come together for a range of different gatherings.

“It’s a vital day for metropolitan Melbourne, the state and even the rest of the nation as Melbourne returns to a semblance of normality.”

The Ai Group has also urged the government to maintain public confidence in its testing and tracing regimes.

“Ai Group acknowledges the resilience of Victorian employers who have borne up so well during the shutdown but the road to recovery will be a very long one,” Piper said.

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