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AI Group proposes minimum wage increase

minimum wage

In a submission to the Annual Wage Review, the Australian Industry Group (AIG) has proposed a 1.5 per cent increase in Australia’s minimum wage. This equates to an increase of $10.10 per week in the National Minimum Wage and $11.75 per week at the base trade level, according to AIG chief executive Innes Willox.

According to Willox, the following factors support the view that a modest wage increase is warranted this year:

  • Employment growth is exceedingly weak nationally
  • Inflation has been low over an extended period
  • Rising energy costs and other cost pressures have eroded businesses’ capacity to afford wage increases
  • Measurable productivity growth is very weak
  • National aggregate income remains weak and unevenly distributed

“Rising youth unemployment and underemployment, and failing participation, suggest significant pockets of spare capacity are building up, particularly at the lower-skilled end of the labour market,” said Willox.

“In such circumstances, it is important that the Fair Work Commission adopt a cautious approach when determining the level of any minimum wage increase in this year’s Annual Wage Review.”

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