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Aggressive self-promotion needed for manufacturers to succeed

Manufacturers can no longer rely on traditional advertising to generate business, but must aggressively seek new ways to promote themselves, says Austech show organiser, Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL).

Austech 2011 is an exhibition designed to support precision engineers, toolmakers and general engineering companies promote their capabilities.

Austech 2011 is part of National Manufacturing Week (NMW) in Melbourne at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from 24 to 27 May.

AMTIL provides assistance to its members and all interested advanced manufacturers through the Manufacturers’ Showcase Pavilion, which will be featured at Austech.

As part of Australia’s advanced precision manufacturing and machine tool exhibition, the Manufacturers’ Showcase pavilion highlights the capabilities of Australia’s precision engineering and advanced manufacturing industry and provides Australian component manufacturers, precision engineering firms, toolmakers, advanced manufacturers and general engineering companies the opportunity to exhibit their unique capabilities to an expected audience of more than 10,000 visitors.

“The importance of our precision engineering and advanced manufacturers in this country having the opportunity to promote the capabilities and capacity they have to offer is critical in view of international competition,” explains AMTIL’s CEO and Exhibition Director Shane Infanti.

“The Manufacturers’ Showcase provides the perfect forum for these companies to put themselves in front of Austech visitors, many of whom outsource and contract out their work.”

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