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AEEMA members vote to consolidate with Ai Group

MEMBERS of the Australian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (AEEMA) recently approved a motion to consolidate its operations with one of the nation’s largest industry associations, the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group).

The resolution was passed at AEEMA’s annual general meeting by an overwhelming majority of the Association’s members, who recognise that consolidation provides an enhanced membership package and more powerful advocacy through the strength of Ai Group’s brand and high standing with governments throughout Australia.

“This is an historic chapter in AEEMA’s long and proud history, with the consolidated association positioned to address the needs and challenges of our members both today and in the future,” AEEMA’s Chief Executive, Angus M Robinson explained.

He also said that the AEEMA Board very much appreciated the strong support of its membership in agreeing to the consolidation initiative.

“Members will quickly see the benefits of being part of a large industry grouping committed collectively to creating business opportunities for its members which in turn bring economic development for future generations of Australians,” he added.

Ai Group’s Chief Executive, Heather Ridout, welcomed the decision, saying that Ai Group was able to offer AEEMA members an extensive and enhanced suite of services and programs, as well as a more influential voice in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

“From 1 January 2008, AEEMA members will gain access to Ai Group’s comprehensive business services and specialised technical programs, such as training, advice and assistance on human resources, workplace relations, procurement, energy and environment services, economic analysis, export development, occupational health and safety and legal issues,” Ridout said.

“The two associations have already identified a number of natural synergies, particularly between Ai Group’s large industry sector groupings and AEEMA’s forums.

“We will be working together over the coming months to integrate AEEMA’s groups into Ai Group’s business networks and facilitate interaction, partnering and business development opportunities.

“Bringing the organisations together will provide a boost to AEEMA’s advocacy effort on core policy issues such as delivering fast, reliable broadband, addressing the challenges of a global market, supporting innovation across the whole value chain, and developing cleaner, greener and smarter manufacturing.

“Perhaps one of the most important opportunities for AEEMA members is Ai Group’s environmental and energy support services,” Ridout added.

Ai Group is already an important player across a whole range of environmental issues, including climate change and carbon trading.

AEEMA’s long-standing position on a wide range of ‘cleaner, greener and smarter’ manufacturing issues and its close linkages with key government agencies will fit neatly with Ai Group’s objectives.

“AEEMA has accomplished much for its members, particularly in recent years, and, as part of Ai Group, its members will be well positioned to realise even greater achievements in the future,” Ridout said.

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