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Advanced manufacturing is what Adelaide’s northern suburbs need


The future for Adelaide’s north may lie in advanced manufacturing. As such, school leavers need to receive the training to prepare them for such careers.

As reported in adelaidenow, this is the view of Northern Adelaide Business Enterprise Centre general manager Larry Cavallaro.

The comments come as the area comes to terms with the recent loss of 400 jobs at Holden and many have come to doubt the long term viability of Australia’s automotive industry.

For Cavallaro, smaller companies operating from the northern suburbs of Adelaide could focus on specialised technologies.

"We need to have 300 businesses that employ 10 people each, rather than one company that employs 3000," he said.

The success of such companies would depend largely on demand from the defence sector and would require government assistance.

"We have lots of great smaller businesses doing fantastic things for the area but they need help to get started," he said.

St Patrick's Technical College business development manager Patrick Kelly agreed that specialised industries are the future for the northern suburbs.

"With the metals and engineering program, we are seldom able to keep up with the demand for employment," he said.

"Most years we have one class, and by the end of it almost every single one of our students has an apprenticeship."

Northern Futures executive officer Gail Sulicich confirmed that Northern Adelaide has seen a lot of innovation and a focus on research and development in recent times.

"There's quite a lot of work going on…..especially in Playford and Salisbury in the defence sector," she said.


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