Advanced manufacturing to be a focus: Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame Awards 2017

Victorian Manufacturing Awards 2017 was presented in the Crown Palladium and rewarded the best Manufacturers in small, medium and large businesses. The theme for the event was centred around Australia’s drive towards growing advanced manufacturing – a concept that is gaining traction among many Australian manufacturers, especially the SMEs.

The opening keynote address by Jake Dingle, Carbon Revolution CEO gave a window into the journey of of an enterprise seeking to tap into the power of advanced manufacturing. Dingle mentioned that in the pursuit of success, they key to achieving it was through customers and automotive organisations who have provided him with valuable insight as to the direction that his business should be operation.

“These guys mostly have PhDs and expertise in the field. Knowing exactly what they are worrying about gives us the boost to invest in R&D,” Dingle said.

“Also, the capability and tenacity of our teams are key components to our success. I am proud to say that we possess an incredible dynamic team with experts in their own field all working together on issues that, in some cases, might have just one shot at getting right.”

Carbon revolution’s success has been much attributed to their pursuit of advanced manufacturing and Dingle urged the winners and finalists to to continue innovating to help move the Australian manufacturing market forward. Just earlier in the week, the Australian federal budget had detailed a $100 million plan to boost manufacturing with a focus on advanced manufacturing growth.

Victorian Minister for Industry and Employment Wade Noonan cleary backs the plan to push manufacturing forward in the adoption of new technologies and standards saying that Australia is well poised to capitalise on the opportunities it has in front of it. He mentioned that “manufacturing levels in Australia has been the highest in 17 years”. He also paid tribute to the work done in the automotive sector and the various units that supported the sector.

“Our government is working closely with the industry to create jobs, support growth and promote forward thinking in manufacturing. The future of manufacturing in Australia is very bright.”

The rest of the night was then purely focused on the finalists and the recipients of the awards. Moving forward, we can only hope that the future for Australian manufacturing would be as bright as forecasted by Mr Noonan and that these winners and finalists can be the beacons for the rest of the industry to follow suit.

Roll of winners:

Defense, Transport and Construction Technologies Award – Impresa House

New Energy Technologies Award – Setec

Food and Fibre Award – Procal dairies

Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Award – IDT Australia

Honour Roll – Philip Leslie, GSK

Young Manufacturers Award – Anne Koopmann from Bombadier

Manufacturer of the year Award (small) – Paarhammer Pty Ltd

Manufacturer of the year Award (medium) – Major Furnace Australia

Manufacturer of the year Award (large) – Sutton Tools

Company Inductions:

Sutton Tools

Warren and Brown Technologies

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