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Advance Metal Products supports innovation

ADVANCE METAL PRODUCTS is a specialised supplier of sheetmetal components to product manufacturing industries, including gaming, electrical, air-conditioning, medical, electronics and aerospace.

The organisation strives to be the best in industry in terms of component accuracy, quality, technology, customer satisfaction and communication, and is proud to be associated with the Manufactures Monthly Endeavour Awards as sponsor of the Innovative New Product category for the second year running.

Managing Director of Advance Metal Products, Ian Stone, stresses the importance and need for innovation within Australian businesses.

“From a company perspective, and if we define innovation in its simplest form, I see innovation as striving to be different in your market.

“I believe an organisation must have a mechanism that allows it to add value either directly or indirectly for its customers,” Stone explained.

“The recognition the Manufacturers Monthly Endeavour awards provides to innovative Australian products is important in encouraging Australian businesses to implement incremental innovation into their core competencies.

“An investment in innovative, productivity enhancing technologies along with research and development must be a primary driving force for Australian manufacturers to compete in the new global economy.”

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