Achieving 100% Class Zero excellence for engine manufacturer

When a leading turbine engine manufacturer required 100% Class Zero, dry oil-free air at a flow rate of 3500 cfm and 24 bar pressure, they entrusted us with providing the solution.

The project’s success not only met the customer’s stringent requirements but also transformed this new client into an advocate for Atlas Copco Specialty Rental.

Here’s how…

A solution of superior class

Atlas Copco experts harnessed their extensive industry and equipment knowledge to recommend a rental solution which met all the customer’s specifications – Atlas Copco ISO-certified Class Zero air compressors!

Atlas Copco provided four PNS 1250. The high pressure, diesel driven air compressors offer pressure up to 24 bar(g) and not only do they deliver 100% oil-free air, but they are ISO 8573-1 (2010) CLASS 0 certified. Two CDE 550 desiccant air dryers were also included in the installation.

In addition, Atlas Copco supplied three fuel tanks, three Adblue tanks, required hoses, and a 6-way manifold, showcasing it’s commitment to comprehensive solutions.

Making agility count

Atlas Copco Specialty Rental’s offerings don’t stop at its kit. It’s team of experts are committed to providing a first-class service and delivering each project to the highest calibre.

In this instance, Atlas Copco accommodated multiple shifts in dates and project changes. Atlas Copco’s flexibility and dedication to meeting it’s client’s evolving needs ensured that the result aligned seamlessly with their requirements.

Operating on a 24/7 accessibility model, Atlas Copco’s team’s quick actions, ongoing support, and regular visits from engineers provided the customer with added value.

The result? A satisfied client. The success of this venture has positioned Atlas Copco Specialty Rental as a reliable partner, and Atlas Copco are proud to say the customer has earmarked us for future collaborations.

To find out more about Atlas Copco rental solutions, contact your local account manager here.

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