Accelerate and de-risk your additive manufacturing application

additive manufacturing

Production success with additive manufacturing (AM) in aerospace and defence is only possible when materials and processes meet the same requirements that conventional manufacturing does today.

3D Systems’ global Application Innovation Group (AIG) partners with customers to reduce risk and create a faster ROI by developing qualified, transferrable, and scalable production processes. This is a key differentiator when developing new production AM applications.

Advance your AM applications with confidence

  • Function-Led Design: With AM, application requirements lead, and the manufacturing process is built to follow. This broader design space can enable better optimised fluid flow and heat transfer. AM can also provide stronger and lighter structures, assembly consolidation, and even utilise new and novel materials among other benefits.
  • Speed to Market and Supply Chain Integration: AM enables drastic reductions in lead time from the first prototype, to test samples, and full production in a more flexible, localised, and compressed supply chain.
  • Additive Manufacturing Expertise and Capability: Establish AM capabilities within your organisation and suppliers by partnering with our Application Innovation Group to rapidly progress from concept to successful production.
  • Repeatable and Reliable Production: 3D Systems’ production-grade additive solutions ensure consistent, high material quality and part accuracy along with tight control of mechanical properties from build to build and across machines and locations.
  • Scalability and Risk Reduction: 3D Systems’ AS/EN9100 and ITAR registered pilot manufacturing facilities offer increased capacity, flexibility, and risk reduction to move development programs efficiently forward. Pilot production is followed by technology transfer and qualification of your internal facilities or suppliers with replicated and scaled manufacturing processes.

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