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ABB releases RobotWare 5.10

GLOBAL power and automation technology group ABB, is pleased to announce that it has further enhanced its IRC5 controller operating system with the latest release of RobotWare.

RobotWare 5.10 adds a host of new improvements aimed at delivering even greater levels of control and accuracy for robot applications.


According to ABB, a key improvement is the introduction of a new generation of the company’s QuickMove/TrueMove motion technology on a number of robot models.

The enhanced version enables users to improve quality, boost productivity and ensure the most reliable robot performance on the market with up to 50 per cent better path performance and up to 20 per cent reduction in cycle time.

The “speed independent path” property of the company’s motion technology is retained by the new generation of technology, thus eliminating the need for path tuning when speed parameters are adjusted during commissioning.

This is particularly valuable in cutting and dispensing applications, for example, when speeds often have to be fine-tuned in order to achieve the optimum quality process.

Shop floor language

An example of such features is ABB’s robot programming language, RAPID, which was originally introduced with the previous controller generation, the S4.

RAPID is designed to make it possible to build well structured programs and give users the ability to solve the most challenging automation tasks.

The use of ‘shop floor language’ enables programs with plain text names for variables, positions, tools etc. which enhances program readability significantly.

Another key feature of RAPID is the powerful coordinate system concept, simplifying task replication, cell calibration and off-line programming.

Intuitive user interface

Another example of a key RobotWare feature is the company’s FlexPendant user interface. With its graphical color touch screen display, 3D joystick and ergonomic design, the company says it sets a new benchmark for robot pendant usability.

With RobotWare 5.10, the PC tool ‘Robot Application Builder’ (RAB) comes free of charge.

With RAB, users can build tailor made operator interfaces for the FlexPendant, enabling them to enjoy the full power of IRC5 customizability, all in the name of ease of use and production uptime.

Introducing SoftMove ‘SoftMove’ is a new feature in RobotWare 5.10 ensuring greater flexibility for the robotic cell by being able to make the robot flexible in any chosen, linear direction.

This allows the robot to effectively perform like a mechanical spring when encountering resistance during operation, enabling the robot to deviate from the programmed path and thus cope with tolerances in fixtures and tools without need for mechanical compliance devices.

Another typical use is tending die-casting or injection moulding machines, where the robot is pushed out by the machine as the part is ejected, enabling the robot to follow the machine in ‘floating’ mode, thus reducing programming and cycle time.

Machine Synchronization

Finally, RobotWare 5.10’s new ‘Analog Sync’ feature provides users with the ability to optimize machine tending by synchronizing robot movement with machine opening and closing.

The ABB RobotWare 5.10 is available throughout Australia from ABB Certified Robot Partners.

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