Women in Industry 2018 award winners: Safety Advocacy Award

Juliet proudly receiving the Safety Advocacy Award during the Women in Industry Awards night.

The dream to ensuring a constant absolute zero in accidents at the worksite is always on the mind of Juliet Maynard, people and safety manager of Monier Roofings. So, it was no surprise, she snagged the prestigious Safety Advocacy Award at the recent Women in Industry Awards night.

Monier is a roofing solutions business, part of CSR Building Products, and has a very rich and proud history in the construction and manufacturing industry for over 100 years. The enduring success of Monier is underpinned by customer service and continued innovation.

An example was when it recently launched InlineSOLAR, which is an industry first, allowing solar panels to integrate seamlessly into the roofline, and providing a streamlined look, while still allowing families to save hundreds of dollars on their electricity bills.

Juliet Maynard started with CSR in 2009 in an injury management role, with a physiotherapy background, recent Masters in Safety Science, with two very young children, seeking a role with room to grow and develop her career.

“There have been development opportunities galore. I moved into a CSR Safety role, the then Monier WHSE (Workplace Health Safety and Environment) manager role, in 2015 and into my current role as Monier people and safety manager in 2016. CSR has believed in me, been open to doing things differently, supported me to grow, learn and lead,” Maynard told Manufacturers’ Monthly.

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“All of this with a humanistic approach, including flexibility and recognising the healthy balance needed to successfully manage a life outside work, family as well as my career,” she continued.

She explained that building WHSE leadership and capability across CSR, in all areas from the factory floor, logistics space, construction site and the board room has been a focus. Empowering people at all levels within the organisation to stand up and lead the way in safety has been part of her journey.

“Ensuring everybody understands the safety strategy, how this impacts business strategy and the part they play is pivotal to the success of any organisation and I love bringing that to life at CSR and Monier,” she said.

Safety first, always

“Protecting the people we love is the ‘why’ in our business,” explained Maynard.

“This is about the roof protecting those that live beneath it. ‘Protecting the people we love’ also extends to safety at work and the reason everybody wants to go home to what matters most. We can only get to the elusive ‘zero harm’ if everybody in our business has an intrinsic reason to be safe and delivers on protecting the people we love,” she said.

She explained that compliance obligations, risk management strategies and safety systems make up the traditional safety role and time invested by any safety professional.

Beyond this, her style brings about a unique and fresh perspective to the safety space and leadership team with a dual people role. Maynard utilises safety as a vehicle to drive constructive organisational culture change, intertwining strategic direction, behaviour, stakeholder engagement, organisational structure, energy and leadership to deliver safety outcomes – which is good for the business.

Holding her own

Maynard also said that the construction and manufacturing industry is a well-established industry and the pace of change is challenging and requires innovative thinking to explore new ways to successfully implement change. She emphasised that bringing, people on the journey in this environment requires highly refined skills of engagement, situational leadership to read the play and implement the most effective tactics, mutual trust and respect with the team and technical know-how.

“I think part of my success is being able to do all this in safety boots and High Vis as well as hold my own at the board room. It is not necessarily because I am a woman,” she said.

“For me diversity includes gender, religion, ethnicity, background, education, and every other human experience that contributes to who we are. This award has not been won simply because of my XX chromosomes, it is about what I bring to the table and part of that is being a woman,” she said.

What the future holds

When asked what winning the award meant to her, she said that it meant that she is being a role model for her kids and hopefully, to others.

“I have two beautiful sons who are figuring out what the universe holds for them and what it all means. I want them to understand that we can all make a difference if we believe in ourselves and give it a go, no matter our gender or cultural norms. Being brave, smart, strong and beautiful is powerful and possible,” she said.

“For me personally it validates that we are on the right track and bolsters the energy needed to keep it up. For CSR and Monier winning this award goes a long way to recognising the impact women are having, not just in our business but also in our industry,” she added.

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