Video series spotlights Australian innovation

Australian Made has launched a new video series highlighting a range of Australia’s most innovative manufacturers.

Named ‘Australian Makers’ the short clips go inside factories, workshops, and farms across Australia, to show the people, processes, and stories behind Australian-made products.

“We are passionate about Australian manufacturing, so we are very excited to launch the Australian Makers series,” said Ben Lazzaro, chief executive of the Australian Made Campaign.

The video series is part of the wider Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL), set up by the Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, along with state and territory chambers of commerce, supported by the federal government.

AMCL owns and administers the green and gold logo that has become synonymous with quality Australian products, with almost 3000 companies using the triangular logo.

Manufacturers profile in the series range from caravan and recreational vehicle manufacturer Jayco, to tannery AusTANNER Australia, and reusable coffee cup maker frank green. The processes showcased in each case range from bespoke, artisanal techniques to automated and advanced manufacturing.

“We’re highlighting the ingenuity and skill of our Australian Makers and providing a unique insight into what goes into making a product in Australia, as well as the benefits that delivers to the wider community,” said Lazzaro.

What some of the manufacturers highlight is the uniqueness of manufacturing in Australia, as Benjamin Young, founder and CEO of frank green, noted.

“There is no way that we would have been as successful as we are today unless we manufactured in Australia. We have travelled the world, we have looked at manufacturing processes in different countries, and I just think that in terms of getting to market and getting a quality product out into that market on a daily basis, it is fundamental for us to be Australian-made,” said Young.