Veem’s gyro stabilisers pass sea trial by Damen Shipyards Group

Veem, Australia-based manufacturer of propellers, fin systems and gyro stabilisers, has announced successful sea trials for its gyro stabilisers by Damen Shipyards Group, one of the world’s largest shipbuilders.

Over two days in June, Damen hosted international delegates from the offshore renewable and non-renewable industries on board a Damen Fast Crew Supplier 5009 fitted with two Veem VG260SD gyro stabilisers and equipped with an Ampelmann L-type crew transfer gangway.

A marine gyro stabiliser is a device for reducing the rolling of boats and ships in waves. The device comprises a flywheel mounted in a gimbal frame allowing two of the three possible rotational degrees of freedom. This gimbal frame is then rigidly mounted to the hull of the vessel, with the flywheel gimbaled within the frame. Most often the device is located in the engine room of the vessel.

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Veem chairman Brad Miocevich, who attended the trials off IJmuiden Port in the Netherlands, said the performance of the VG 260SDs exceeded Damen’s expectations.

“It was impressive to see the new Damen, Ampelmann, Veem combination working so seamlessly,” he said.

“We are very excited to receive Damen’s confirmation that they would now like to proceed to the purchase phase and confirm commercial requirements and delivery dates for us to supply VEEM’s largest gyro stabiliser, the VG1000SD, for the new Damen FCS 7011,” Miocevich said.

Damen business development manager David Stibbe said Damen’s new 70-metre FCS 7011 fitted with the Veem VG1000SD gyro stabiliser would achieve roll reduction of up to 75 per cent in 2.5m waves.

“One of the many interesting features of the sea trials was demonstrating the gyro stabilisers being switched on and off at the push of a button. This enabled those witnessing the sea trial to appreciate the immediate positive effect Veem gyro stabilisers have on the vessel’s roll motion.” said David Stibbe.

VEEM's gyro stabilisers pass sea trial by Damen Shipyards Group
Damen hosted international delegates on board a Damen Fast Crew Supplier 5009 fitted with two VEEM VG260SD gyro stabilisers.

Veem managing director Mark Miocevich said, “The anticipated orders are an exciting milestone on the company’s path to widespread global acceptance of VEEM gyro stabilisers as an essential component of ship design.”

“To have a shipbuilder of the calibre of Damen place orders for Veem gyros heralds a new phase in our growth.”

“Gyro stablisers will become commonplace on new vessels in the marine industry once the advantages of the technology become widely known, another great thing about Veem gyros is they can be retro fitted easily into older vessels with minimal engineering,” Miocevich said.

Veem is expecting to have a purchase order from Damen within a few weeks, after the negotiations on price and volume are finalised.


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