Skate Dock for all loading and unloading solutions

A dock is utilised for the quick and efficient loading/unloading of product to and from trailer or container units.

Automated dock loading and unloading systems are materials handling solutions that load or unload trucks and trailers automatically by using different kinds of conveyors, rollers, skates, docks and drives.

Automated dock loading and unloading usually requires two systems: a system in the trailer and a system inside the dock. When the trailer is positioned at the dock, the entire load is loaded or unloaded automatically.

These systems are an essential component of a smooth and profitable logistics system and can be integrated into warehouse management systems, automated guided vehicles and production lines.

The Skate Dock from Industrial Conveying (Aust) includes:

  • Associated with profiled floors in trailers and containers.
  • Removes the need for equipment associated with the logistics (trailer/container) component.
  • Can be configured with both chain and slat arrangements for association with delivery/receivable conveyors.
  • Generally, associate with a hydraulically activated levelling unit.
  • The skate is essentially a finger which is extended/retracted into/out of a container/trailer and has airbags to raise or lower for integration within a profiled floor.

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