Manufacturing on the Move launches

A new industry networking and leadership goup, Manufacturing on the Move, has been launched.

The LinkedIn forum was founded recently. It advocates for high-value manufacturing and the place of this in creating and sustaining economic wealth and skills.

The group’s Patron Founder is Bruce Grey, who was recently Managing Director of the Advanced Manufacturing CRC. Other co-founding moderators are Jon Bradshaw, Richard Jefferies, Angus M Robinson, and Eduardo Sifontes.

The objectives and planned outcomes of the “collegiate managed forum” are reproduced below.

To join, the forum, visit here:


The objectives of MotM are:

  1. Establish and develop engagement with industry and thought leaders – with particular SME, Innovation and Skills sector focus – expanded to encompass key decision-makers and ad hoc groupings such as the Parliamentary Friends of Manufacturing.
  2. Channel our membership inputs to support the MotM over-arching aim of creating new manufacturing industries which generate qualified jobs through long-term, competitive capacity building.
  3. Strengthen linkages and relationships with departmental and ministerial office policy makers at the federal, state and local levels.
  4. Broaden outreach to stakeholders through social media and direct engagement channels.
  1. Build linkages with key industry groups, ‘think tanks’ and other influencing groups and organisations.
  2. Build awareness of Australia’s performance in manufacturing sectors by publishing regular KPIs.

Planned Outcomes in MotM’s first year of operation include:

  1. Submissions to, and engagement on, government programs and initiatives in ‘key impact areas’ including – but not limited to – the development of Industry Growth Centres, innovation policy, the new IM-CRC and the ARC grant and Industry Transformation schemes.
  2.  Efforts to deepen relationships with other social media interest groups that share our aims to complement our efforts in attracting new members of MotM who are committed to the network’s objectives.

Of a number of success factors that MotM has determined, we see our role as a channel for the articulation to government of more inclusive policy setting that encourages investment in process innovation and recapitalisation in SME manufacturing as being of critical importance.


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