National robotics competition comes to Adelaide

The VEX robotics competition will come to Adelaide for the first time in December this year.

In part due to $15,000 in funding from the state government, the competition will be the testing ground for the teams which will go on to take one of 12 spots at the international tournament in Louisville, Kentucky, in April 2020.

The competition is for school students to demonstrate their STEM talents in a competitive environment. Students will have to design and build a robot which will then compete in a game-based engineering challenge.

For those that make it past this round, the twelve successful teams will have the chance to meet representatives from Google, Tesla, and NASA at the US international finals.

“We are thrilled Adelaide is hosting a national robotics competition of this kind, exposing more of our students to global and future industry opportunities,” said South Australian Premier, Steven Marshall.

By having such a competition locally, Marshall hopes that students will be inspired to pursue futures in STEM.

“We want our young people exposed to opportunities which test and expand their knowledge as the demand for STEM specialisations increase, particularly in the space, shipbuilding, cyber and advanced manufacturing industries,” he said.

With the success of other robotics competitions such as the RoboCup, the Vex Robotics Competition hopes to similarly get young people involved in robotics, said Education Minister, John Gardner.

“The Vex Robotics Competition is designed to challenge, motivate and inspire students with hands-on learning applications based on real-world problems,” he said.

“We are working hard to ensure our students develop into creative and collaborative critical thinkers, who have STEM knowledge and skills that equip them for their pathways through everyday life and future work,” said Gardner.

“STEM learning will play a vital role in developing our future workforce and we are committed to offering more opportunities for our students to develop the skills that industry needs.”