Microsemi PolarFire FPGA video and imaging kit

The PolarFire field programmable gate array (FPGA) video and imaging kit is now available from Mouser Electronics. Manufactured by Microsemi, a subsidiary of Microchop Technology, the kit allows users to evaluate 4K images captured by dial-camera sensors.

Compared with other SRAM FPGAs, the Microsemi PolarFire uses 50 per cent less power to record and render 4K images.

The kit includes the PolarFire video and Imaging board, with 300K logic elements, 4GB of DDR4, 1GB flash memory, and a dual-camera sensor board.

Designed for mid-bandwidth (4K/2K) imaging and video applications, the kit can be used in a variety of settings with multiple interfaces and IP, which include bidirectional MIPI, HDMI, DSI, and SDI.

In addition to the comprehensive application-specific hardware, the kit includes an optimised intellectual property suite for image processing, sample reference designs, demonstration designs and collateral, which make it simple to implement 4K resolution designs.

The package includes the Libero SoC Design Suite of straight-forward development tools under the Libero Gold Software License. With Synopsys Synplify Pro synthesis and Mentor Graphics ModelSim simulation, as well as debug capability with the SmartDebug tool suite, the kit is ready to go.

Already, the kit has been utilised by drone, robot, video, and imaging manufacturers, as well as for gaming, machine vision and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, all the while supporting simple human-machine interfaces.