Local radar manufacturer selected for ground based systems

Canberra-based manufacturer, CEA Technologies, has won a $137 million contract to supply short range ground-based air defence radars.

The advanced radars will provide ground forces with defence from sophisticated air threats, as Minister for Defence Industry, Melissa Price outlined.

“This air defence capability combines world leading Australian radar technology with a highly effective air defence system that will protect our service men and women from future airborne threats,” said Price.

CEA Technologies has already had success with its radars, supplying its products to the Australian Navy, as well as overseas, having leveraged the Defence Export Facility for $90 million to scale up production.

The technology is already used on the ANZAC-class frigates, and will be incorporated into the to-come Hunter-class frigates. The company’s capabilities were recognised by Price.

“I congratulate CEA for adapting these radars from those already in service with the Royal Australian Navy, confirming its reputation as an agile, innovative company and a key strategic partner for Defence,” said Price.

With this latest contract win, price highlighted that CEA Technologies were well placed to find overseas markets for their proven systems.

“Integration of these radars into existing air defence technology is a significant step in establishing Australian industry as a leading exporter of defence technology,” said Price.

This announcement sees the radars mounted on vehicles, including the Thales Hawkei vehicle.

“This contract with CEA will support 45 jobs in Canberra and Adelaide and demonstrates the company’s ongoing success after securing a $90 million loan through the Morrison Government’s Defence Export Facility,” said Price.