Investment in future defence technologies supporting industry

The Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC) will continue its work supporting industrial capability with a $3.8 million contract with the Defence Innovation Hub.

The contract will involve four projects of technology development, which will enhance land vehicle design and build, additive manufacturing of aerospace and space components, and the development and sustainment of emerging materials.

To fulfil the contract DMTC will utilise its collaborative model which involves industrial partners as well as Australian universities and research organisations, as DMTC CEO, Dr Mark Hodge, pointed out.

“This assures both Defence and our partners that our priorities will continue to be shaped and adjusted over time, to ensure they are producing relevant and desired outcomes for Defence and building the capacity of Australian industry,” said Hodge.

In working towards the delivery of the contract, DMTC will employ capacities developed in previous projects.

“DMTC will build on its existing work in relation to technologies such as precision manufacturing, welding high-strength steel and adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies,” said Hodge.

The contract signed between DMTC and the Defence Innovation Hub is part of the $640m that the Defence Innovation Hub will spend until 2025-2026 to mature and further develop technologies. The current priorities for the Hub involve electronic warfare, land combat, amphibious warfare, and investigation into key enablers such as quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and energy management.

Incorporating Australian industry into the achievement of these priorities is done through contracts such as those delivered by DMTC.

“We will continue to broaden and improve the capacity and capabilities of Australian small and medium sized enterprises, many of which are critical to the supply chains of the major defence contractors,” said Hodge.