A new Dynasty AC/DC TIG welding machine for the Australian market

Just as people have a preference for certain car brands, welders get nostalgic about the welding machines they use. In Australia, the Miller Syncrowave 250 AC/DC TIG machine was introduced over 20 years ago and has been a popular welding machine ever since – reliable, consistent, and the perfect amperage for aluminium manufacturing and repair work. It was the best in its class. Until now.

“The new Miller Dynasty 280DX machine has recently become available on the Australian market. At 280 amps it fits in nicely between the 210 and 400 amp Dynasty machines. For those who have been using Syncrowave, this is the ideal machine to upgrade to,” said Glenn Callinan, Welding Industries of Australia (WIA) Account Manager – Eastern Region. “This machine is particularly suitable for precision engineering, aluminium manufacturing as well as for marine, transport, and defence industry applications.”

There are many benefits that come with upgrading to the Dynasty 280DX. Key attributes of the new technology include a larger duty cycle, AC frequency control, AC balance control and four AC waveforms to choose from.

“You’ll get 60 per cent duty cycle at 235 amps with the new Dynasty 280DX compared with 200 amps on the Syncrowave. The AC frequency control was previously fixed to power input frequency, now it’s variable between 20 and 400 hertz. You’ve also got better AC balance control – a larger window that allows for less etching and better-looking welds. The balance range on this machine is 30 to 99 per cent, compared with 35-85 per cent on the Syncrowave,” Callinan explained. “And on the Syncrowave, we only had one AC waveform option – the soft squarewave. On the Dynasty 280DX there are four AC wavesforms to choose from, the advanced squarewave, soft squarewave, sine wave and triangular wave.”

Importantly, the Dynasty 280DX has more portability and uses less power. The machine weighs in at 25 kilograms compared with the much heavier Syncrowave at 170 kilograms. It’s also more power efficient than current competitors on the Australian market.

“The power consumption is a big one. This can translate to significant savings when you factor in the ongoing costs of running a machine. It also depends on what power is available in your workshop. The Dynasty 280DX has more flexibility with the Auto-Line technology, meaning it can operate on any voltage, single or three phase” Callinan expounded.

The user-friendly front panel interface also provides welders with easy access to features such as the sleep timer and the pro-set welding parameter function, although there are a number of features worth taking into account.

Key features of the Dynasty 280DX:

  • Auto-Line technology – allows for any input voltage control (230-480V) with no manual linking.
  • Pro-Set™ technology – provides a starting point for new welders by giving them pre-set parameters and controls.
  • Sleep timer – this conserves electricity by powering down the machine if it has been idle for a certain time.
  • Blue Lighting™ high frequency arc starter for non-contact arc initiation. This provides more consistent arc starts.
  • Fan on demand™ – variable speed fan adjusts to match the cooling requirements.
  • Wind tunnel technology™ – protects internal parts from airborne contaminants.

Similar to its predecessors, the new Dynasty 280DX is comprised of high-quality components. On that front, the Miller guarantee has not changed.

“The Miller machines are well-known for their reliability and consistency. The Dynasty 280DX is no exception to that – it’s Miller quality through and through. The three-year ‘True Blue’ Miller warranty also applies,” Callinan said.

As with the entire Miller range of machines, WIA are the exclusive suppliers of the Dynasty 280DX in Australia. In line with the company’s commitment to supplying high quality products, WIA also offer training and consultancy services to clients to ensure they are selecting the right machines for their specific needs. All their managers, including Callinan, have a practical background in welding and an in-depth understanding of how the machines work and what they are best suited to.

“We provide an evaluation prior to any sales and give customers adequate time to evaluate a machine in their workshop so they can see the specific differences and value in a purchase. We also prefer to be hands-on with our customers to ensure that the machines are working well for them – we provide on-site operator training and are available for customers if they have any issues or questions about the product,” Callinan reiterated.