Deakin to design and manufacture energy storage

A new facility for the design and manufacture of energy storage devices has opened at Deakin University.

Located at the university’s Warrun Ponds campus, the StorEnergy centre is a partnership between the university, industry, government, and other academic institutions.

Vice-Chancellor of Deakin University, Ian Martin, highlighted how the centre will provide input into current energy demands.

“Continued advancement in clean energy technologies, including generation, storage, and secure systems management, will be fundamental to Australia’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, combat climate change and address increasing demands for energy,” he said.

Energy storage devices and components that the centre will manufacture include advanced lithium-ion batteries, super capacitors, and solid-state lithium and sodium batteries. The batteries will undergo research and testing so that they can provide improved rates of capability, capacity, and safety. The centre will aim to create intellectual property in advanced energy materials, batteries, and battery-control systems, that will enable manufacturers to commercialise and produce these in-demand technologies.

The research centre aims to drive industry innovation, and is partnered with organisations including Boron Molecular, CSIRO, DST Group, Calix Ltd, Ionic Industries, and Raedyne Systems, among others. Alfred Deakin professor, Maria Forsyth will lead the centre, along with other universities involved include Monash, Melbourne, Queensland University of Technology, and the University of South Australia.

“The facilities, processes and partnerships we have in place will equip the next generation of researchers and the energy technology workforce with the skills needed to drive innovation, exploration and investigation,” said Forsyth.

The $6 million centre is supported with $4.4 million from the federal government as part of the Australian Research Council Training Centre for Future Energy Storage Technologies.