Call for proposals for Attack Class Submarine technologies

Lockheed Martin Australia has invited industry and academic organisations to submit quotes for research and development (R&D) into advanced technologies as part of the Attack Class Submarine program.

With almost $1 billion in funding distributed after the first round of grants, the next round will focus on projects including, reliable communications on an unstable platform, autonomous celestial navigation, underwater sensor networks, compressive sensing techniques, power management, and advanced materials and fabrication to overcome size, weight, power, and cost (SWAP-C) constraints.

If an application is successful, the organisation will receive grants of $75,000 each and Lockheed Martin will give applicants the opportunity to develop a white paper.

According to chief executive of Lockheed Marin, Scott Thompson, the request for quotes allows applicants to pursue innovation.

“Lockheed Martin Australia, in concert with the Department of Defence is proud to be creating genuine R&D opportunities for industry and academia to develop enhanced and innovative combat system capabilities,” he said.

The recent announcement is part of the Future Submarine Program which Lockheed Martin has participated in since 2016. The program involves a collaboration between the Department of Defence, Naval Group and Lockheed Martin, where Lockheed Martin is the combat system integrator.

“The Attack Class Submarine Program represents a long-term, multimillion-dollar investment in the future defence and security of our nation. [This] announcement is one more step towards helping to ensure Australia has the technology and skills to deliver and maintain a regionally superior submarine fleet,” said Thompson.

Submissions are open until September 2.

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