3M’s Heavy Duty Abrasives

Designed to withstand the heavy-duty applications that are found in the building industry, 3M abrasive products, offer even wear, cool running temperatures, and longer life during your steel construction, so you spend less time changing discs.

It all adds up to more efficient sanding, grinding, and blending, so you can get the job done faster.

Speed and efficiency are the most important parameters for any metal worker when selecting grinding wheels, but cutting metals faster and cleaner does not need to be more expensive. The 3M Silver grinding wheels represent a class of cutting wheels that are both tough on metal and cost-effective.

Abrasives are important in any metal working process, 3M, a multinational corporation celebrated for its innovative product range across various industries, offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality abrasive solutions tailored specifically for steel applications. These products serve as indispensable tools in enhancing steel processes and optimising various steel-related applications.

What distinguishes 3M’s abrasive range from competitors is the brand’s dedication to innovation and quality. This commitment makes 3M a trusted ally for professionals in search of dependable and highly effective abrasive solutions.

For maximum safety while using abrasives, follow these steps:

  1. Elimination: Modify the task or workplace so that the hazard is no longer present.
  2. Substitution: Replace the hazardous material, equipment or activity with a less hazardous one.
  3. Engineering controls: Modify the design or specification of tools or equipment to isolate or reduce the exposure to the hazard.
  4. Administrative controls: Introduce working practices and procedures that remove or lessen the risk.
  5. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): Protect the worker with suitable PPE.

Speak to your local Motion branch to learn more on how 3M Abrasives can improve productivity, while creating a safer work environment at the same time.

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