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3D printing company begins IPO process

3D printing manufacturer, Amaero Engineering, has announced a new shareholder offer, with the hope to raise at least $6 million.

The additive manufacturing company grew out of Monash University and the Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing. The company made headlines in 2013 for 3D printing a jet engine and Aerospike rocket, the first worldwide.

In addition, the company has worked with the University of Adelaide, and established a US subsidiary, Amaero USA.

Clients of the company range from sectors such as advanced manufacturing, research projects, aerospace, and defence.

If the company reaches the $6 million mark, shareholders will own 18.2 per cent of the company, the maximum subscription would be 10 million share, with a total of $8 million.

With the investment round, the company hopes to make greater equipment purchases, specifically further 3D priting machinery and equipment, as well as continue to grow the company’s US operations.

Already, Amaero supplies a number of US-base defence clients, and hope to continue to expand its footprint in the tooling market. In addition, the current capital raising process will provide support for an initial public offering (IPO) in the future.

In the company’s briefing to investors, Amaero outlines that there is potential for the additive manufacturing market to continue to grow as technologies and processes reduce in cost and improve in efficiency.

In future Amaero will continue to generate revenue by selling the 3D printers themselves, as well as components, services, design support, and contract manufacturing.

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