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3D printed organ company to open in Brisbane in 2017

In a first for Australia, The Courier Mail has reported this morning, the Herston Biofabrication Institute, to be opened in late 2017, will be manufacturing human tissue, bones and eventually even organs.

Eventually employing up to 60 researchers, the Institute will also develop capabilities of advance medical technologies such as 3D printing and computational medicine.

According to the Courier Mail story, Queensland University of Technology associate professor Mia Woodruff said it would co-locate scientists, researchers, doctors, patients, and entrepreneurs.

“It will be automated, it will be low cost, low labour and it will be customised to the patient,” she noted.

Queensland Health Minister Cameron Dick was  quoted saying that “The technology that this institute will deliver, will deliver tissues…bone, cartilage and ultimately organs that will help patients recover faster from a whole range of illnesses and diseases like cancer, traumatic road accidents and other incidents like that.”

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