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3D printed car company hopes for production runs within three years

Divergent 3D – an automotive company including microfactories and 3D printed structural joints in its manufacturing methods, and which has partnered with Peugeot – has announced plans to deliver cars at “volume” in the coming years.

Drive spoke to co-founder Brad Balzar at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where it was displaying its Blade supercar.

“We’re working with Peugeot to deliver volume cars in the next couple of years,” Balzar told Drive.

“Hopefully within three years we will have parts in production.”

Divergent said it also planned to produce 200 examples of its supercar.

The company previewed the prototype vehicle, billed as “the world’s first 3D printed supercar” in 2015, weighing 1,388 pounds (630 kilograms). It was made using Divergent’s “Node” method, with 3D printed alloy connectors joining composite parts in the car’s chassis.

According to its website, Divergent’s aim is the produce tools for small teams around the world to build cars in “microfactories” (with a stated capacity around 10,000 vehicles annually).


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