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$376m research & development award to fund hands-free wheelchair

The Gillard Labor Government’s $376 million investment in research will reportedly help save our Tasmanian devils, teach our children to look after their eyes and produce hands-free wheelchairs that will give severely disabled Australians greater mobility control.

The Commonwealth has awarded funding of $376 million to Australian universities and other research bodies for 1,126 innovative research projects.

Announcing the funding at the Australian Research Council Major Grants Announcement today, Innovation Minister, Senator Kim Carr, said the 1126 innovative research projects being funded will meet Australia’s big challenges and everyday problems.

“Research drives our economic productivity, delivers new solutions to environmental challenges, attracts global investment and improves our social wellbeing,” Senator Carr said.

“This is why the Government is investing $376 million for high-quality research projects across areas such as climate change, health, national security and education.

“I congratulate the successful institutions and researchers whose projects have been selected for funding and applaud them for their research efforts.”

Funding for the 1126 research projects has being awarded under the Australian Research Council National Competitive Grants Program, through Discovery Indigenous Researchers Development, Discovery Projects and Linkage Projects schemes.

Applications for funding are subject to a rigorous, independent peer review process.

For more information on the ARC and the Innovation, Industry, Science and Research portfolio, including the research grants available, visit and

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