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32 workers cut at mine equipment company

Mining manufacturer Joy Mining has cut 32 workers from its NSW plant, blaming the recent downturn in industry.

Twenty two people accepted voluntary redundancies on Friday, while 10 staff were forced to leave.

Joy's Director of human resources Erik Lucis said the amount of people cut was fewer than expected, Southern Highlands news reported.

Last month the company flagged cost cutting measures, after forecasts revealed the company could not justify maintaining a full workforce at the Moss Vale plant.

"Lots of our customers have changed their operational priorities and are now focusing on cost reductions. They are deferring purchases and capital equipment and cutting back on the maintenance,” Lucis said at the time.

"Have a look at what is happening in the industry. Rio has closed its Brisbane office entirely, Xstrata Coal are restructuring.

If our customers are significantly reducing their workforce, that's going to have a big impact on us."

Lucis expected at least 45 positions were set to go.

However, revaluating workloads meant fewer positions were chopped.

"From the moment we started the process, and all through the timeframe, we kept checking our forecasts for the plant and we received an unexpected workload, which should keep us going for quite some time,” he said.

"While it's not great news for some people, the bigger picture is definitely better than we expected.”


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