2015 Women in Industry Awards Finalists: Marketing/Communications

The finalists for this year's Marketing/Communications award have been revealed.

Natalie Chapman – Corporate Communications Manager, Alkane Resources

Natalie Chapman and her communications team have enthusiastically brought a new way of communicating the complexities of Alkane’s Dubbo Zirconia Project and the job opportunities available to the local communities in the Central West.

This has assisted Alkane with its open and transparent way of doing business in forging new relationships, and cementing old ones, with members of the community of all ages.

It has also helped the company communicate with and educate Federal, State and Local government and their Departmental staff and has generated praise for the information program from the NSW Minister for Energy and Resources Anthony Roberts.

Senior Manager Industry Investment Resources and Energy at NSW Trade & Investment Robert Blayney is also a fan of Chapman’s work.

“I think the DZP Infographic will be great for giving the general public a good overview of the project at things such as local community events,” he said.

“It addresses most of the issues commonly raised by the local community – including radiation, dust & noise and places these in perspective – the visuals make it very easy for the public to comprehend the relative levels.

“I like the way the project is put in perspective towards the top the page, where you look at current global production and compare that to expected DZP production.

“The uses section also answers people’s questions about why the products from DZP are important.”

Rosalinda Willcox – Marketing Communications Specialist, BOC Limited

Since joining BOC more than fifteen years ago, Rosalinda Willcox has consistently implemented effective marketing communication strategies to help grow BOC’s business. She has worked in Marketing Communications across almost every business unit at BOC during her tenure.

The knowledge that she has gathered from working across different business divisions at BOC has meant that she is a regular “go-to person” for staff members who have a query related to marketing communications within BOC or a product in general.

Although she has been at BOC for fifteen years, Willcox continues to deliver better marketing results, always ensuring that her next campaign is more successful than the last.

Willcox is passionate about increasing awareness of the engineering and gas industry to women. She combined both her passion and marketing strategy nous when she identified that competitors were not targeting women in the industry. She suggested to upper management that case studies be developed to demonstrate that the welding profession is an exciting career path that women should consider. This was well received and as a result she was commissioned to produce videos showcasing these women.

Willcox devised a social media strategy for these videos to ensure they were widely viewed. They were shared by staff members, customers across a variety of social media platforms and now even feature in BOC publications – this all due to her vision.

Sally Durrant – Country Communications Manager, ABB Australia

Sally Durrant has been described as a “breath of fresh air” to ABB’s Australian business around the marketing and communications area.

An ambassador of ABB, her input to the Country Management Team is highly valued and has been described as refreshing.

Durrant and her team are the external voice of ABB to its customers, to the media, and to the Government, and ensure a consistent brand and a consistent message and find ways to get that message out whether through media relations, events, sponsorships or the ABB website.

She also helps connect management and the great things ABB is doing across its business  internally, ensuring employees are engaged and up-to-date on company news.

Keren Meers is the Oceania Senior Marketing Coordinator for Ernst & Young and worked with Durrant for three years and continues to be inspired by her.

“Sally should be commended for her leadership qualities and ability to inspire those who work around her,” Meers said.

“While being my manager for only three short years, she continues to be a mentor for me and will no doubt inspire my leadership style in years to come.

“Sally taught me to never start a meeting without learning something new about who you were sitting in the room with. Developing relationships is key to being a successful communicator.”

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