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2012 Endeavour Awards Finalists: Young Manufacturer of the Year

With an ageing workforce it is critical that industry has young manufacturers ready to fill the gaps. Finalists for the 2012 Endeavour Awards Young Manufacturer of the Year award are:

Astral Pool Australia

Astral Pool is a manufacturer and wholesaler of swimming pool appliances including pumps, filters, chlorinators, chemical measuring and dosing appliances and gas heaters. 
As Operations Manager, Brendan oversees product development, quality control as well as all aspects of manufacturing and distribution of products and parts to the wholesale warehouses.   
He reports to the GM and has direct responsibility for two production supervisors, the production planner, product development manager, production engineer, quality control inspector, warehouse manager and toolmakers/fitters.
Brendan has been responsible for the sourcing, acquisition, installation and commissioning of more than $2m of robotic and CAD/CAM machinery in the last three years. 

Automation Control Systems

David Michel began at Automation Control Systems as a graduate in 2006 and has worked his way up to his current position as Engineering Manager.
He is now in charge of design of hardware, firmware and programming as well as managing a team of four staff and two contractors. 
He deals with international heads of design and has worked to develop a strategy that ensures his team develops on time, in rhythm and shows consistent performance. 
As well David designed the Fleet Online device which is a telemetry product which sells over 200 units annually. He also helped in the development of Speedshield which controls speed in large and heavy equipment.  


As Dyesol's chemical engineer, Jesse is responsible for developing processes to commercialise DSC (dye solar cell) in particular by taking DSC manufacturing processes from the laboratory scales to pilot and semi-industrial scale, thus ensuring processes can be applied in larger manufacturing projects.  
Jesse has contributed to increasing the output of processes by minimising waste and optimising chemical reaction condition, and optimising or eliminating labour intensive bottlenecks which allows the material to be manufactured more economically both from an environmental and productivity perspective.  
Jesse graduated with a Masters of Engineering majoring in Chemical Engineering (Second Class Division A) from the Australian National University in 2007 and has been employed with Dyesol since 2008.


Kyle is Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Supervisor at Redarc which involves him ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the assembly line. 
Kyle has ten operators and technicians working under him as well as fulfilling a range of roles in the areas of innovation, customer satisfaction, teamwork as well as maintaining the integrity, quality and protection of the environment in line with Redarc's policies. 
His most significant achievement to date has been the designing and then implementing a cleaning program to facilitate quality improvements in PCB cleanliness following the SMT process. 
This was a significant gain and occurred ahead of schedule, within budget and achieved the required cleanliness result.

Bayer Material Science

In his role as Production Engineering Co-ordinator, Matthew is responsible for the management of the maintenance team, design and execution of engineering plant improvement projects as well as coordinating production. 
He also coordinates the production team supporting the operations manager and team leaders. 
In this role, Matthew manages the reliability of the plant which is bench-marked against all Bayer plants globally and during his time managing the maintenance team, total plant reliability has increased by 5% and mechanical and electrical breakdowns have been reduced by 16%. 
Matthew spent over 18 months successfully managing the implementation of a new $6m solid sheet line including designing the supporting infrastructure. 

Leussink Engineering

Owen began his working career at Leussink Engineering seven years ago at age 20 and completed a fitter/machinist apprenticeship. 
He is now studying his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.
Owen is currently involved in the reconditioning of the Hot Strip Mill at BlueScope Steel Port Kembla as part of a refurbishment program completed as an international partnership with Corts Engineering.

Luxmy Furniture

Luxmy is a furniture company and a commercial contract manufacturer which has just launched a consumer line of flat pack furniture. 
Priyanka manages Marketing and Strategic Management projects at Luxmy. 
Her responsibilities include managing the marketing for Luxmy Furniture, managing the online presence, implementing the Lean Management program as well as working on audits and creating processes and strategies for improving its environmental impact across the company. 
She is also in charge of managing a new online, modular furniture line. Since being in her role, Luxmy has been a finalist in several business awards.

The 2012 Endeavour Awards Young Manufacturer of the Year award is sponsored by ABB.

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