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2012 Endeavour Awards Finalists: Lifetime Achievement Award

Finalists for the 2012 Endeavour Awards Lifetime Achievement Award are:



Brian McLean is MD of Tri-Nature and the Director in charge of technical services. He is directly responsible for all research, development, product manufacture, and quality control of the companies involved. 
Brian is still very much involved in the general operations of the company, taking responsibility for all factory functions right through to dispatch and delivery to customers.
Brian's dedication to this industry has broadened beyond Tri-Nature as he has made himself available to customers and other advice-seekers as a form of 'educator'. 

Seeley International

Frank Seeley AM founded Seeley International in 1972 when it began manufacturing portable evaporative coolers.
Frank is still the Executive Chairman of the company, and has fostered a culture of innovation and creativity that has delivered products across all heating and cooling categories. 
He continues to be the driving force in all aspects of the business from the design and engineering of world leading product developments such as Climate Wizard through to the commercialisation of new technologies.
Frank has aggressively pursued a policy of vertical integration, manufacturing almost all products in-house.  
He has also had a strong focus on supply chain management ensuring flexibility and responsiveness to meet fluctuations in market demand.  


ANCA was formed in 1974, one of them being Pat Boland who now serves as MD and Chairman. 
Pat along with his business partner Patrick McCluskey have lead ANCA into a worldwide success in designing, developing and producing technologically advanced computer numerically controlled systems and went on to develop their own cutter grinding machines.
In 1990, Pat developed a new machine for precision grinding automotive power steering input shafts which is the key component in determining the 'feel' of a car's steering.  
Pat has been involved in all areas of ANCA, having particular interests in research and development and is still continuing to make significant contributions.


In 1989 Tri Nature was formed to bring to the marketplace natural cleaning solutions for industrial, household, and personal care including the manufacture of phosphate-free powders. 
Robert OAM is MD of Tri-Nature as well as being the director of financial operations. 
Whilst managing the financial aspect of the business, Robert is still very active in the sales and customer service areas of day to day business. 

Integra Systems

Russell began his engineering career in 1957 as an apprentice and is now the Engineering Director and joint founder of Integra Systems. 
With over 35 years of engineering, innovative product development and senior management experience. 
Russell joined Integra Tooling Systems (now Integra Systems) in 1993 as joint director to develop the harnessing of innovation and engineering solutions for Australian industry. 
Hughes was behind the world's first high speed Coil Processing Line (Punch-IT Coil Processing), which was ultimately built as Integra's first production machine. 
His hands-one and mentoring approach at Integra Systems' allows him to oversee engineering design, prototyping, all manufacturing functions and supply chain management. 
He is the key driver for all new product development undertaken within Integra Systems for the product range.


As a co-founder and founding MD of Dyesol, Sylvia has 25 years experience in the establishment and management of high technology businesses with a particular interest in the commercialisation process. 
She has contributed to the invention of several of Dyesol's patents, including the key patents for the SureVolt flexible DSC panel and the Combined Energy Generation and Storage (CEGS) devices.
Sylvia is currently a member of the Future Manufacturing Industries Innovation Council, which advises the Australian Minister for Industry, and is also a non-executive director of four other clean tech and advanced technology companies in addition to Dyesol.

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