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2012 Endeavour Awards Finalists: Australian Industrial Product of the Year

Finalists for the 2012 Endeavour Awards Australian Industrial Product of the Year award are:

SynRM Synchronous Reluctance Motor

The SynRM motor and drive package is available in two configurations, one that maximises efficiency, the other maximising output. 
Because the motor and drive package is designed specifically for variable-speed drive operation it is said to lead to further energy savings. These savings create a pay-back time which in many cases can be less than two years.
Typical applications include fans; pumps; compressors; conveyors; hydraulics; cranes; extruders for industries like pulp and paper; metals; ventilation; power plants; water and wastewater; food and beverage; mining; OEMs.

Ecoline on-site in-line fresh-water chlorine generator

The Ecoline on-site in-line fresh-water chlorine generator can work completely without salt plus it can convert small amounts of minerals (naturally available in the fresh water) into chlorine. 
Ecoline technology has been tested/approved by NATA Accredited Laboratories and meets Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.
There are three types of chlorine generator available from AIS: Chlorogen, Autochlor and Ecoline. In addition to chlorine generators
AIS equipment is installed for various water disinfection applications such as drinking water, waste water, industrial process water, agriculture, pharmaceutical, decorative lagoons, aqua parks and competition swimming pools. 

FM1 – Fleet Management Telemetry

At the heart of ACS' technology is the use of real time telemetry with web technologies to provide levels of information for fleet operators to manage their operating efficiencies.
FM1 is a 'black box' that sits on the forklift measuring operational data such as the vehicle's odometer, hours, metres and time in use (traction) versus idle, operator driving habits, use and abuse of the asset through collision and impact detection.
The system also allows equipment dealers to access their information via web service – extracting valuable telemetry data when it's available, and integrating it with their existing business system.

CKAS "Cranky" Full Motion Wharf Crane Simulator

The CKAS "Cranky" Full Motion Wharf Crane Simulator provides full scale replication of a typical crane cabin and includes an array of switches, lights, gauges and other specialised instruments. 
The simulator can be used to engage the driver in initial familiarisation and introduction as well as direct hour accumulation for crane driver training.
The hardware was developed in house with the resources available to a small engineering innovation company and overcame the problem of the very large set of multidisciplinary engineering skills required to develop this product. 
The key to success in this project was that all engineers involved in the development were selected for their very high level of skill in many facets of engineering, but it was also crucial that the engineering staff selected had a track record of working successfully on high pressure projects together in the past. 

CP9 (Coolon Projector 9)

Coolon is an LED luminaire manufacturer with roots in the electronics industry whose products are primarily industrial, focusing on mining.
The CP9 was developed to improve on existing halogen/xenon work-lights commonly fitted on mining machines. 
The high power LED luminaire is designed to provide superior luminous output in a compact size enclosure that rivals competitor product.
Innovative features are said to include the use of solid state LEDs, heat management, multiple lens configurations, cool operating surface temperature and precision dimming.

Access Pack

AccessPack is an access control system that ensures equipment can only be used by authorised personnel. 
According to the company, it can be fitted to any type of electrically powered device (including mobile, remote and battery operated equipment).
Machines will work only when the user swipes with a valid card. AccessPack requires users to have current and appropriate 'tickets' including qualifications, accreditation, training and/or inductions in order to operate the equipment. People with an expired ticket or those without the appropriate ticket are 'locked out'.  
The system is designed to increase accountability, which leads to changes in operator behaviour thereby reducing the amount of downtime and breakdowns as well as equipment abuse. 

Ruggedised waste tanks for remote locations

Marathon's point of difference with their tanks lies in the use of all-polyethylene rather than stainless steel as well as heavy duty galvanised steel frame, these units are specifically designed to go underneath an ablution block rather than beside it and perform in the roughest of conditions and locations where no sewer connection is available.
One of the key features of Marathon Group's ruggedised waste tanks is these units are flat on the bottom of the tank to ensure no sewage remains in the tank when pumped clean. The poly tank itself is a high-density UV-stabilised unit that is easily removed from the steel frame when required.

The 2012 Endeavour Awards Australian Industrial Product of the Year award is sponsored by BOC.

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