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2012 Endeavour Awards Finalists: Australian Consumer/Trade Product of the Year

Finalists for the 2012 Endeavour Awards Australian Consumer/Trade Product of the Year category are:

Eco – Terazz

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) is a tough, resilient vinyl flooring, suitable for installation in heavy commercial or domestic applications.  
Its strength and durability comes from its high Limestone content (80%), plus it is a flexible product in terms of colour choice and the ease of developing individual floor design. 
Terazz is a semi non-directional visual tile developed as a differentiated product to penetrate Asian markets.  
The product group maintains a homogenous blend of colours throughout its matrix incorporating high content recycled vinyl floor tiles to remain competitive in price point to achieve success in Asia. 
Eco-Terazz is up to 60% recycled and raw materials are sourced globally.


Evolvex is a modular furniture system with mix and match components. This allows the customer to 'build' their own furniture by buying separate parts that can be purchased at a later date to change the look or increase the size of a piece of furniture such as a book case.
Evolvex is made from a full sheet of board which minimises wastage and is certified by the Australian Forestry Standard and 'E0' grade boards are used to keep the formaldehyde exposure well below levels of danger. 

Seized Rail Fastener Remover (Pandrol PR & E Clip)

Melvelle Equipment has developed a rail fastener remover which allows old weathered railway fasteners to be removed while eliminating the risk of OH&S injuries from flying clips and debris as well as reducing the labour effort from the use of dangerous tools such as hammers. 
The machine uses two hydraulic hammers to create the impact force needed to vibrate and impact the fastener. 
This cyclic vibrating load, breaks the rust or "chemical" bond between the railway sleeper "cast shoulder" and the spring clip and the whole process is completed without damaging the sleeper itself. 
The remover has an Australian Provisional Patent in place and an International Patent is pending.

Rice Cube
Rice Cube is a two piece mould made from ABS7 plastic that can be used to make sushi without the seaweed and also bite sized cubes of potato, meat and cheese and is suitable to be used by children. 
The Rice Cube is manufactured in Brisbane and sold 10,000 units in the first three months of launching. 
The company is now looking to increase sales to overseas markets as new distribution channels are being built. 

Braemar 6-Star Ducted Gas Heating Range

Seeley International says it released the world's first 6-star ducted heating range in February 2012. 
The range is designed to reduce energy consumption and cost with each star representing a 10-15% drop in running costs. 
The Braemar is capable of zone heating and also contains a corrosion-resistant heat exchanger. 
The development of the Braemar took many years in order to correct design flaws in older models such as installation difficulties with large units, therefore a smaller, compact, modular unit was developed. Seeley International invests over $4m annually in research and development.   

Braemar EnviroMagic Evaporative Air Conditioner

The latest evaporative air conditioner, Braemar EnviroMagic, from Seeley has been designed to cool large industrial buildings. 
Made of lightweight, durable plastic, the air conditioner features inverter drive technology, advanced humidity monitoring and control, as well as a water management system. 
The all-plastic construction eliminates corrosion, for longer product life, while the modular and light-weight design makes it easier and cheaper to install and move into position on the roof.  

Sevinn XPR Post and Picket Remover

The XPR Post and Picket Remover allows safe and easy removal of star posts, Y-star posts and T-sections. 
The mechanism works from ground-level and requires no human lift factor, just the energy it would require to inflate a bicycle tyre. 
The XPR is the first product to be rolled out after the merging of two Sydney fabrication companies, Proline Technology and Wisby & Leonard. 
The product is designed to provide an OH&S benefit to employees in maintenance, roadworks, agriculture, power, farming, rail and general industrial sectors while employing the principal of commonsense mechanics over automation. An international patent is pending and a global rollout is expected in the near future.

SmartRider Breakaway Stirrups

SmartRider 'Escape' Breakaway Stirrups function so that the rider will be released from the stirrups rather than the foot being caught on a moving horse which could cause injury. 
The stirrups can be cutomised in a range of colours and fabrics to suit each individual rider and the customer has the freedom to create their own stirrup and have it custom made. 
The stirrups can be opened on either side and also provide UV protection whilst having the added provision, that when tilted to a 180 degree angle it doubles as a ladder. 
The stirrup is a flexible product that suits both English and Western stirrup leathers which allows it to be exported around the world.

Tri Nature Phosphate Free Powders

Tri Nature has developed three phosphate free powders made up of Alpha Plus Laundry Powder, Alpha Plus Prewash Soaker and Citrus Dishwashing Powder. 
The products have been designed to reduce environmental impact through absence of toxic caustic or chlorine compounds and improve safety due to their lower alkalinity and toxicity level whilst having potency to achieve a premium outcome. The initial process for developing the powders involved recording synergies of many combinations of available alkaline builders, chelating agents, and complexing compounds. Ingredients not previously available in Australia were investigated and, in one case imported for use. Tri Nature has moved from a direct selling model to now include a retail store as well as an online shopping aspect on their website.

The 2012 Endeavour Awards Australian Consumer/Trade Product of the Year award is sponsored by Blackwoods.

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