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$2.2m milk packaging plant begins production today in Victoria

Parmalat has partnered with Tetra Pak to build a $2.2 million upgrade onto its Rowville processing plant, which from today will manufacture innovative new white milk cartons.

Parmalat, which represents white milk brands Pauls Full Cream, Rev and Skinny Milk in Victoria, says the new Tetra Brik Edge carton represents the first significant innovation in fresh white milk packaging for 10 years.

The Rowville, Victoria processing plant has been reconfigured to allow a shift from existing gable top cartons to the new Tetra Brik Edge carton, which is reportedly easier to use and is the only Forest Stewardship Council certified milk carton available in Australia. 

Parmalat says the new packaging will attract new buyers. It is also easier to store in warehouses and on the retail shelf.

Pauls milk currently represents 50.8% of Victoria’s branded white milk grocery market. 

 “Our white milk brands continue to enjoy strong loyalty and hold market leadership in Victoria,” said Parmalat Australia General Manager, Marketing, David Waugh. 

“Moving to this new-look Pauls one litre carton tells a great story about our confidence in the white milk category. 

“Consumers have experienced difficulties opening existing milk cartons so we’re really excited to deliver an innovative alternative that has been designed to make opening, pouring and resealing much easier. 

“We’re first to market in Australia with this packaging innovation from Tetra Pak, a paper-based carton that has Forest Stewardship Council certification and a resealable twist-cap on a sloping top panel. The new cartons store and stack more easily than the traditional milk cartons and keep milk fresh throughout its shelf life.” 

The newly-upgraded Parmalat processing and packaging plant will also make Tetra Pak’s new  FSC certified package, which is reportedly already well-established in other global markets. 

Tetra Pak Oceania managing director, Noel Ayre, said Tetra Brik Edge has been recognised as “Package of the Year” by the Swedish Rheumatism Association for its ease-of-use by people with restricted hand mobility. 

The new-look Pauls milk cartons will be available in stores across Victoria from 13 September. 

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