​Dematic cuts costs with modular conveyance

Global engineering company Dematic ANZ has launched a new lineshaft conveyor, completing its recently-released family of modular, integrated package handling conveyor systems, Dematic MCS.

The new, entry-level conveyor delivers fast, quiet performance and has the benefit of being easily swapped out for other conveyor technology within the MCS family, to support businesses that need to change as their demand for output grows.

Dematic is currently deploying the first installation of MCS lineshaft at Rexel Electric in Sydney’s Eastern Creek.

Offering operational versatility across an extensive range of conveying applications, Dematic MCS is ideal for handling diverse products such as cases, totes, trays, and parcels in distribution, manufacturing and 3PL operations with varying throughput and product handling requirements.

Lineshaft conveyors are the traditional backbone of package handling conveyor systems in the region and have the ability to drive multiple conveying functions such as transportation, zone-routing, merging, diverting, and sortation, as well as curves and transfers.

Dematic prides themselves on the amount of effort that has gone into reducing cost, improving flexibility, and simplifying service and maintenance, and with Dematic’s continual focus on safety, the MCS lineshaft conveyors’ wide-ranging functionality and applications flexibility makes the technology a cost-effective way to provide highly-efficient material flow in both existing and new facilities.

Dematic MCS uses a universal side channel and standard components for all modules to provide the ability to change the function of a conveyor without having to replace entire sections of a conveyor system.

For example, a section of lineshaft conveyor can be quickly converted to a roller conveyor for handling a wider range of load types, or a transportation conveyor can be quickly and cost-effectively converted to an accumulation conveyor or vice versa.

Use of modular components provides MCS users the benefits of standardisation with the same carrier rollers, motor-driven rollers, segmented belts, side frames, electronic sensors, motor controls, zone control logic assemblies, drive belts, and other components used throughout all modules.

There are now more drive options, using AC drive motors, DC low voltage motor-driven rollers, or a combination of both.

With this dual offering, the most appropriate drive system can be applied to any conveyor system layout.

For example, with long runs of conveyor, it is most cost-effective to use one AC motor instead of multiple motor-driven rollers.

These drive solutions not only extend the range of applications, but also offer low energy consumption and high levels of reliability.

Dematic MCS can be easily integrated with other devices such as scanners, sorters, label printing and application devices, case sealers, in-line weigh scales, palletisers and robotic picking and packing systems. 

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