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Yowie prepares for US manufacturing debut

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Confectionery company, Yowie, is due to commence manufacturing production in Florida later this month.

Following consumer testing and evaluation by more than 1,000 US adults and children, Yowie chocolate has now been delivered to Florida, along with Yowie capsules, which contain the company’s popular collectables and information leaflets.

Over the next two weeks, the manufacturing facility will receive delivery of all first order Yowie packaging materials including foils, trays, cartons and cases necessary to commence production.

A confectionery experienced sales, marketing and logistics team has been recruited and negotiations with retail traders commenced in September. A South Carolina-based advertising and marketing agency has also been appointed to handle the brand’s promotion, including the launch of Yowie World in the US market.
Yowie also has plans to expand into South East Asia, where the company says it enjoys strong brand awareness.

With its head office in Perth, Yowie Group was first listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in December 2012.

Yowies - based on the mythical indigenous creatures - were introduced by Cadbury in 1997and achieved sales of $100 million in the first two years, before discontinuing the line in mid-2005.



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