Spectur enters military supply chain with HD4 cameras

Australian-based technology and security systems company Spectur will be supplying its flagship Spectur HD4 camera systems to the department of defence as part of a new order.

This marks Spectur’s first military order, following the company’s inclusion as an authorised supplier to the Australian department of defence.

Spectur owns the rights to its innovative hardware and disruptive cloud-based IOT and security systems which operate in Australia. The company’s core product is the HD4 security camera system and associated cloud-based platform.

The HD4 is a solar powered battery backup security system which is remotely accessed and connected via 3G/4G technology, which is connected to the cloud-based platform.

“We see a market for our high-tech surveillance products for use in protecting military infrastructure both in Australia and in overseas territory,” Spectur managing director, Peter Holton said.

The company plans to build on current interest in its HD4 product with a view to introducing its new thermal camera detection system for military use.

“Our thermal camera systems have a slightly different value proposition to our HD4 cameras in that they can be used to detect movement in complete darkness, over very long distances. They are very quick to deploy, and in common with our HD4 system, don’t require wire power or communications networks to operate,” Holton said.

Spectur cameras detect object motion using patented algorithms. The wireless cloud recording camera features a powerful computer, which is designed to distinguish between real objects, shadows, and clouds. Thereby reducing false alarms. Once an alarm is triggered, a verbal message is broadcast to the intruder informing them that they are being watched and security is on its way.