Seeley International launches category-redefining ducted gas heater

Seeley International has released its Braemar 7 Star ducted gas heater, which it has described as a breakthrough technology.

The four decades-old, Albury-based business, founded by Frank Seeley, showcased its release at a launch event at the Melbourne Star yesterday.

“This Braemar ducted gas heater is now able to deliver the cheapest whole of home heating in Australia, saving consumers $438 per year in running costs compared to electric reverse cycle ducted air conditioning,” said the executive chairman at the launch.

He added that it was a testament to Seeley International’s focus on innovation and R&D.

The Australian Gas Association’s CEO Chris Wealthy said the product would probably lead to a review and update of Australia’s star rating system for gas heaters by the AGA.

“We now have a product that exceeds the rating system based on an assumption some 15 years ago that no manufacturer was ever likely to exceed those standards,” he said.

The new heater is manufactured at Braemer’s Albury plant (it also manufactures at Lonsdale) which unveiled a half-million dollar new tube bending cell last August.

Seeley International is the country’s biggest air conditioning manufacturer and has received numerous industry awards, such as best mid-market business at the BRW Momentum Awards last year and Australian Consumer/Trade Product of The Year award at the 2013 Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards.