Safety light curtains for manufacturer protection

ifm’s OY series safety light curtains are used to safeguard hazardous areas and protect personnel.

Safety light curtains are used where hazardous areas must be secured. They are optoelectronic safety devices consisting of one transmitter and one receiver. Depending on the protected area height and number of beams, the units can be adjusted to protect fingers, hands or an entire person.

Thanks to their slim design, they are suited for applications with limited mounting space. With the use of corner mirrors, an entire area can be safeguarded with a single transmitter and receiver.

They conform to the safety requirements of type 2 / SIL 2 or type 4 / SIL 3.

Typical applications in factory automation include access prevention or hazardous area monitoring of robot cells and production lines.

For food and beverage applications, units with protective tubes and high protection ratings are offered. The safety light curtains with protective tube are rated to IP 69K. They are resistant to high-pressure cleaning with aggressive cleaning agents.
Typical applications include access prevention or hazardous area monitoring of palletizers, saws and production lines.

Safety light curtains with floating blanking function allows blanking of up to three neighbouring beams. This function is suitable for applications where the protected area is interrupted by the material to be processed or a part of the machine.
These units are typically used in the metal and wood-working industries to safeguard material feed processes on presses.