Boeing sets its sights on Australia


Following the signing of a US$3.4bn (A$4.4bn) contact with the US government, Defence Connect has reported that Boeing has hinted strongly that it looks to partner with Australia to bring the latest AH-64E Apache attack helicopter to potentially boost the country’s defences.

With the signing, the US army will receive 244 remanufactured Apaches while 24 new ones will go to the international customer.


The Apache was pitched to the Australian market at the Avalon Airshow.

“Trusted by 15 countries with unrivalled joint forces capabilities, the AH-64 Apache is the world’s most advanced multi-role combat helicopter. The AH-64E Apache can provide Australia with the industry-leading, battle-tested, armed reconnaissance and attack helicopter that the Commonwealth needs,” Boeing said.

“With unmatched firepower, the Apache can meet virtually any mission requirement in land and littoral environments and provides aircrews with enhanced situational awareness through its integrated intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

“For long-term value, the AH-64E Apache’s modernisation roadmap combined with Boeing Defence Australia’s proven sustainment capabilities can keep Apaches flying well into the 2060s.”

Seven customers outside the US have ordered the Apache “E” variant. Including this latest version, the US and 15 other countries have relied on the Apache during the past three decades.

“The Apache has made a tremendous impact in the defence of the nations that have flown it for the last 37 years,” said Kim Smith, Boeing Attack Helicopters vice president and program manager.