Australian zinc-bromine batteries made in Thailand ready for shipment

Australian battery manufacturer Redflow has completed production of the first zinc-bromine flow batteries at its new factory in Thailand, and has said they are ready for shipment.

Using battery stacks has been a “critical part” of the production process, with the use of electrodes that charge the battery by depositing zinc on a membrane and discharging it by reversing the process.

The batteries have been installed on existing ZBM2 battery tank sets for testing at Redflow’s Brisbane headquarters and have now been scheduled for distribution to customers.

The company will continue to assemble, test and deliver limited quantities of the batteries until it begins end-to-end manufacturing and testing of complete batteries in Thailand, which is due to start by June.

“Our first requirement of the new factory is quality components, which it is now producing in the electrode stack – the most complex and critical part of our product,” said Redflow CEO Richard Aird.

“Our pre-delivery tests have confirmed that these complete batteries, using Thai-made stacks and exisiting battery tank sets, perform to standard, so we are now scheduling deliveries to start supplying outstanding back orders.”

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