Aurora advances certification of 3D printed parts

Aurora Labs announced the signing of a non-binding term sheet with DNV GL, a quality assurance and risk management company. This is seen as a significant step for Aurora since it sets the framework for the company to work with DNV GL having the goal of producing 3D-printed parts created on Aurora machines to be independently certified as fit for their intended purpose and meeting global certification purposes.

The non-binding term-sheet proposes to create a process whereby parts printed by Aurora machines can be independently certified by DNV GL, the end to end certification process, including the use of Aurora’s management software, allows for parts to be certified whilst being printed and then independently verified by DNV GL and develop a certification standard for Aurora.

The  independent certification of Aurora’s 3D printed parts should facilitate the take-up of its 3D-printers in oil & gas and marine markets as currently printed parts cannot be used in these areas without certification.