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Operating as part of Prime Creative Media, Australia’s largest business to business publisher, Manufacturers’ Monthly is Australia’s most trusted source of news and information for manufacturers.

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Recognised for its highly credible editorial content and acclaimed analysis of issues affecting the industry, Manufacturers’ Monthly has informed Australia’s manufacturing industries since 1961. With a circulation of over 18,170, Manufacturers’ Monthly targets senior level & operational management and covers industry, management, IT, technology, and product news. Further to being a complete news source for the industry, its core competency is its analysis of key issues that helps to keep Australian manufacturers remain competitive. In short, it provides its readers with the essential information they need to make informed business decisions.

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Over 93% of respondents said they found the advertising within Manufacturers’ Monthly useful to them

Over 88% of respondents have read 3-4 of the last 4 issues

77% of respondents said if they could read only one manufacturing trade magazine, it would be Manufacturers’ Monthly

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Andy Pearson – Rockwell Automation’s Manager Asia Pacific

As the Remote Support Services Manager for the Asia Pacific region, primary role involves managing a team that provides technical assistance to Rockwell Automation customers.

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